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PASSPORT is the only business membership program in the Social Impact Sector. It's designed for specialist businesses, consultants, agencies, coaches, mentors, facilitators and trainers. The Collective is the place to be to grow your business, and collaborate with like-minded and like-hearted people.


Widen your opportunities, with a ready-made community to collaborate with

Connect with Members virtually in our moderated 'Online Member LOUNGE' 

Connect up in person at Member MEET UPs (currently in Melbourne) 

Offload extra work to CONCIERGE, knowing your clients will be well cared for


Your own Profile Page on our searchable PLATFORM 

Receive project opportunities from CONCIERGE, through the PLATFORM, and other Specialists

Receive PR/profile opportunities through our Media and Sector Partners

Share your knowledge on the THE X-CHANGE video library


Access tailor-made specialist programs to package your knowlege and diversify your income

Participate in askXFACTOR programming

Access Member Partners Offers for you and your clients 

Receive a cash ‘Thankyou Bonus’ for referring projects to the Collective 


Be part of Australia’s only pre-vetted social impact specialist community

Exclusive use of the ‘Specialist Consultant Member’ trusted brandmark

Give your clients extra support from this trusted specialist community

Contribute your skills in key areas of interest to grow the Collective


Be recommended by CONCIERGE, Partners and Members to a broad range of organsiations

Be featured on a searchable sector-first PLATFORM

Benefit from the diverse Peak Body partnerships we are building 

Be part of a community with clients across Asia Pacific, UK and USA 


CONCIERGE support on all opportunities

Call out to other members for help on big projects, or during busy times 

Access a range of support services from HQ such Project Trouble Shooting, Proposal Critique etc


Linda Garnett and Sharon Dann
Stellar Partnerships
Specialist Partnership Consultants and Foundation Members
"The Xfactor Collective is a unique tribe of experts, consultants, thought leaders and innovators who are bound together by a passion for social change. It is a world first concept created by the visionary Julia Keady, who takes the role of Concierge, chief cheerleader and truffle hound for new business opportunities. As a Foundation Member we have been inundated by new ways to profile our business, including F&P articles, webinars, conference presentations and YouTube live learning videos.

Xfactor has given us the opportunity to supercharge our client base, develop fabulous new projects and collaborate with the amazing range of experts in The Xfactor Collective tribe. If you want to transform your business and create real social change, then Xfactor Collective is the place to be."
Darren Taylor
Managing Director, Taylor and Grace
Specialist Branding Consultant and Foundation Member

"In 6 months, we won five out of five project opportunities. They all have been intellectually fascinating and expansive projects with very worthwhile organisations. A 5/5 win rate is unheard of in our business and in consulting in general, but it is no accident for the Collective because there is a natural simpatico between the consultants and its clients, and clients feel confident in the Collective’s ability to deliver. The management fee payable on projects won can be paid in instalments to match client payment milestones, so it’s very manageable for small businesses.

I am so passionate about the Collective and the value it creates for Australia’s social impact organisations that I see that it is my business too. I find myself doing a lot of business development on the Collective’s behalf and have introduced around 5 organisations to date. I can’t wait to introduce more! Australian organisations need The Xfactor Collective, and in fact many have told me this!"
Kristi Mansfield,
CEO & Co-Founder, Seer Data Platform 
Data Specialist Business and Foundation Member

"Being part of the Collective is helping us expand our network and understanding of how to better serve our users.

This is important because we are a transformative tech for the sector, and we let people easily find, use and share data and insights for better decision making.

The Collective is part of our business development strategy, and HQ has helped us secure great thought leadership opportunities, putting us in front of thousands of organisations.”

Teisha Archer
Teisha Archer Consulting
Specialist Fundraising Consultant and Foundation Member

"Wow! I can’t believe the calibre of consultants I am now working alongside with The Xfactor Collective.

Through projects that have been directed my way by the Concierge, I am now working with partnership, branding, events and design specialists to name a few to enhance my offering and deliver the best of outcomes to my clients!

Another great benefit is being able to pitch with other Members – the opportunities to collaborate and innovate are outstanding and much more than I could do on my own. The Xfactor Collective model is certainly a win-win for clients and consultants."

Stephen Mally CFRE
Specialist Fundraising Consultant

"FundraisingForce landed a significant contract during the first fortnight as part of The Xfactor Collective. The Concierge provided assistance from lead generation to contract negotiation. A fantastic first experience!

The best part of The Xfactor Collective is the very deep bench strength of the consultants, which gives us lots of tools in our toolbox."

Jane Smith AM
The Shiny Shiny World
Specialist Organisational Strategist

"I have been an independent consultant for over 10 years. When I was approached to join the The Xfactor Collective, I was immediately attracted to a group of specialists with similar values and a ready-made business development and marketing function.

I also have great respect for Julia Keady’s abilities and having her as the Chief Cheerleader and Concierge Manager is amazing. This new business model is a first for Australia.

My first project was agreed with the client in less than three hours. I have also been able to source an IT transformation specialist in a matter of hours for a client.  I revel in that kind of agility in strategic service provision for clients."

A word from our founder

julia keadyWelcome and thank you for your interest in joining our community,

The Collective comes from my deep concern about the wellbeing of social changemakers. The rates of burn out for us all are profound and increasing, and it should not need to be this way. 

Over 10 years, I witnessed hundreds of changemakers struggling with the same challenges and frustrations. I decided one day to bite the bullet and see if some of the ideas floating around in my head could actually help. As you read across our Platform from Clients and Specialist businesses, some of this is really helping. Makes my heart smile. 

We have built this based on what I call a 'shared prosperity' mindset. Quite simply: we are stronger together. We are also building this on a foundation of good old-fashioned values – accountability, trust, honesty, responsibility, fairness and kindness.

I'll always be grateful to the initial Foundation Members who could see my big vision, and its potential on an individual, collective and community level. They jumped onboard, and because of them, we have the Collective we are building with you and for you today.

You will enjoy this community if you have a spirit of adventure, excellence, freedom, social justice and fun.

Onwards we fly!

Julia Keady
Founder/CEO/Chief Cheerleader
The Xfactor Collective

Criteria & values

  • We support each other and our clients to be BRAVE and take chances,
  • We all participate to help the Collective grow. When the Collective wins, we all win,
  • We make every decision through a lens of Win-Win-Win-Win – a win for our members and HQ, our clients and the community/beneficiaries they serve,
  • We RESPECT each other and our clients’ skills, visions and aspirations,
  • We CARE about social change and supporting more people to fulfil their ambitions and potential,
  • We believe in and uphold GOOD OLD FASHIONED values of accountability, trust, honesty, responsibility, fairness and kindness

All members must have a minimum of 7 years’ practical experience in their area/s of specialisation.

This practical experience can come from both employment and consulting roles.

An important part of our growth is to ensure we have a sustainable balance across key areas of specialisation, and as such we will be onboarding based on client demand and/or specialisation openings between April and December 2019. If we are unable to advance your EOI before this time, it will be because we have a strong representation in the key areas of your specialisation already.


All members agree to be reference checked by 7 client and/or professional referees. Process explained in ‘Registration Process’.
Your Onboarding Fee helps to cover the many hours this takes to co-ordinate and facilitate.


We invite 2 types of businesses to participate in the Collective:

  • Solo consultants, coaches, mentors, facilitators and trainers
  • Owner-managed platforms and specialist consultancies/agencies with a key specialisation focus (for example branding, communications, media relations, data analytics etc) This may also include a consultancy with 2-3 consultants working under an umbrella business name together.

All Members must have their own ABN/ACN.


All members must have their own relevant insurances in place (including but not limited to Professional Indemnity Insurance).

The Xfactor Collective’s insurance is subject to members have Certificates of Currency, and these are required upon acceptance into the community. Members will be required to upload a copy of their Certificates of Currency in the Member Area online

Fees & bonuses

PASSPORT FEES (inclusive of GST)

Reference Checking & Onboarding fee – $275 one-off fee 

Solo Members – $660/year (or by monthly direct debit of $60/month)

Agency Members – $990/year (or by monthly direct debit of $90/month)


Members pay 10% Management Fee (plus gst) on all projects received through the Collective.

We provide payment terms that match the payment terms of the project, to ensure ease of cashflow.

Detailed protocols around collaborations, referrals and receiving/sharing work is outlined upon joining the Collective


As part of our Shared Prosperity Mindset and Model, we recognise our members who help grow the Collective.
A cash bonus on a sliding scale of $100-$1000 is gifted to Members who refer successful paid projects into the Collective.


Members pay 10% Platform Fee on all inquiries and sales through the Platform (+merchant fees + GST)


Members can cancel PASSPORT at any time with 3 months paid notice to the Collective. Members must lodge a Cancellation notice via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To keep PASSPORT at an affordable fee, we have created some optional extra services that Members can choose from throughout their time with the Collective. These include optional trainings and extra support services. There is also a cost involved in attending Member Meet Ups to help cover the costs associated with producing these events.


Check with your Tax Accountant if the Passport and Management Fees are able claimable as a business expense.


All fees are 2019 introductory pricing and will be reviewed in November 2019.

Terms and Conditions

Participating in all that The Xfactor Collective community has to offer necessitates we have your agreement to the following business terms and conditions. Sorry, these things are never very exciting!


Changemakers refers to all participants in our community - Specialist Members, clients and partners

Specialist Members (or Specialists) is the term for consultants, coaches, mentors, facilitators, strategists, and can be solo operators or boutique agency business owners

Clients are the individuals, businesses and organisations who seek services and products from Specialist Members or from askXFACTOR programming

HQ refers to The Xfactor Collective headquarters

PASSPORT refers to the business network membership program for our Specialist Members

CONCIERGE refers to the central helpdesk at The Xfactor Collective that supports Specialist Members and Clients

PLATFORM is the website, technology and services that power the online component of The Xfactor Collective

LOUNGE is the online community for Specialist Members which is moderated and curated by HQ

Social Impact is a broad term designed to capture the continuum of social change-making activity. Social impact projects create public value, strengthen the lives of individuals, families and communities and address complex social challenges.

You refers to prospective and existing Specialist Members

We/us/our refers to the management and executive team of The Xfactor Collective Pty Ltd


The Xfactor Collective ('the Collective' herein) is owned and operated by The Xfactor Collective Pty Ltd ACN 79 630 374 515.

The Xfactor Collective is the facilitator of a social impact specialist network and marketplace community. The Xfactor Collective brings together a network of pre-vetted Specialist Members; helps to connect Clients and Specialist Members through a CONCIERGE helpdesk service; provides Specialist Members with a business network membership program; and runs its own learning and professional development programs under the #askXFACTOR programming banner.

The Xfactor Collective provides the PASSPORT program to you subject to the following Terms, which may be updated occasionally, at our sole discretion. Changes to the main features, pricing and protocols within the PASSPORT program will have the input of the Member Reference Group. Some changes may require us to update or add information to the Terms and Conditions. Such instances will be clearly indicated. These changes will be communicated to you within 14 days. Specialist Members will be notified by the LOUNGE and email. By continuing membership, you agree to be bound by the current version of these Terms.

The most current version of these Terms will always be on this page of the PLATFORM and will supersede all previous versions. By continuing membership, you agree to be bound by the current version of these Terms.

  • We support each other and our clients to be BRAVE and take chances
  • We all PARTICIPATE to help the Collective grow. When the Collective wins, we all win
  • We make every decision through a lens of Win-Win-Win-Win – a win for our Specialist Members and HQ, our clients and the community/beneficiaries they serve
  • We RESPECT each other and our clients’ skills, visions and aspirations
  • We CARE about social change and supporting more people to fulfil their ambitions and potential
  • We believe in and uphold GOOD OLD-FASHIONED values of accountability, trust, honesty, responsibility, fairness and kindness

We do not represent or warrant that the PASSPORT program or our PLATFORM contained herein complies with the laws of any country outside of Australia. If you reside outside Australia and access and use this PLATFORM, you do so at your own risk, and under the relevant Australian laws.


In brief, we agree to be fair, honest and kind.

In detail, we provide, whether regularly or from time to time, the following service(s):

  • Online member LOUNGE
  • Physical and virtual member events, meetings and discussion forums
  • Access to trainings, support, advice, discounts and special offers
  • Opportunities from our media partners to write articles, and conference partners to speak at events
  • Introduction and connections to prospective new clients, and also to other Specialist Members for collaboration
  • Promoting your business services through our communications channels, and also partner channels
  • Updates via emails and by posts lodged on the online member LOUNGE
  • Self-managed online profile page and payment gateway
  • Opportunity to participate in learning and development programs for the client community
  • Opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of The Xfactor Collective

We agree to:

  • Ensure, as far as practically possible, the accuracy of information presented about Specialist Members,
  • Action all referrals within 3 business days of receiving the submission/introduction from Specialist Members.
  • Provide Specialist Members with opportunities to be promoted through the Collective's media networks. Where the Collective provides Specialist Members with an opportunity to write content for the CAMPFIRE blog, the Specialist Member agrees to provide the Collective with original content that does not infringe copyright. Blogs and articles must be of a high editorial standard for inclusion. The Collective reserves the right to refuse publication and to request edits.
  • Provide Specialist Members with regular updates about the strategy, progress and achievements of the Collective. This will be through Member Meet Up events, live and recorded videos, posts on the LOUNGE and emails. There may also be face-to-face meet-ups for Specialist Members, which may include a small fee to participate.
  • Provide a business network program that aims to help Specialist Members achieve more profiling and project opportunities and connect and collaborate with other Specialist Members.
  • Membership payments are made through Stripe using their ‘recurring payments’ facility or by EFT. These options have been selected as a simple and straightforward mechanism for Specialist Members. The Xfactor Collective or The Xfactor Collective Pty Ltd will be the company name listed on payment confirmations and receipts.
  • Debits will automatically be drawn on the monthly/annual renewal date unless you choose to cease the arrangement through your settings in our PLATFORM
  • Where a debit fails to run, due to insufficient funds, card expiry or any other reason, you will be required to pay outstanding membership fees via EFT, while the matter is being resolved and rectified.
  • The pricing for PASSPORT is introductory pilot pricing. The pricing will be reviewed in November 2019. There may be changes to the pricing implemented in 2020.
  • All Specialist Members pay a non-refundable Onboarding Fee ($275 including GST). This is not applicable to Foundation Specialist Members. This is paid upon the successful completion of the Reference Checking Process.
  • All Specialist Members pay either a $60/month (or $660/year fee) for solo operators, or $90/month fee (or $990/year) for agencies (annual fees include one month free when paid upfront). This payment or recurring payment is established and required upon the successful completion of the Reference Checking Process. Membership Fees are inclusive of GST.
  • Protocols for Management Fees will be kept current on the PLATFORM, and may be updated occasionally. Changes to the protocols will be communicated to all Specialist Members within 14 days. Some changes may require us to update or add information to the Terms and Conditions. Such instances will be clearly indicated. By continuing membership, you agree to be bound by the current version of these Terms.
  • Specialist Members who do not follow the Protocols for Management Fees (Collaborations, Referring Projects, Receiving Projects) will forfeit their membership with The Xfactor Collective. Two written warnings will be issued before the Specialist Member forfeits their membership.
  • We will provide Specialist Members a cash ‘Thankyou Bonus’ for all referred referred leads/projects into the Collective that is successful (converts to paid project), meaning that the referral results in a paid project for a Specialist Member. This Sliding Scale is for trial in 2019 only, and information will be kept current on the online member LOUNGE. It ranges from $100 to $1000, depending on the size of the project referred. The Thankyou Bonus is not paid to Specialist Members until the Collective has collected the Management Fees for the project.
  • All sales through the PLATFORM incur a 10% PLATFORM Fee, plus merchant fees, plus GST. Specialist Members are not permitted to send clients or customers through to external websites for payment processing.

In brief, we want Specialist Members to be fair, honest and kind.

In detail, Specialist Members agree to the following terms:

  • You will participate in a way that reflects the Community Values and Ethos of the Collective, especially with the way that you interact with CONCIERGE, other Specialist Members, Clients, Partners and Suppliers of The Xfactor Collective.
  • You will abide by the Member LOUNGE Guidelines outlined on the online member LOUNGE.
  • You will only promote your Services in categories where you have practical experience, as per the criteria for membership.
  • You will not share or disseminate any documents, nor share commercial information in relation the Collective without written confirmation from the CEO of the Collective.
  • You will provide sufficient information and a photograph for your Profile Page, and update details on a periodic basis or as requested. You agree for any supplied photographs to be used in marketing collateral.
  • You agree to help promote the Collective through your networks.
  • You agree to be promoted within the media networks of the Collective and partners/alliances of the Collective.
  • You will provide feedback to the Collective related to client projects that you receive through your involvement with the Collective.
  • Where you are connected to a new project/client through the CONCIERGE, you agree to the Expectations and Requirements Protocols that are kept current on the online member LOUNGE, which may be updated occasionally, at our sole discretion, with or without notice to you:
    • We ask that you follow up the email introduction within 48 hours/2 business days,
    • We ask that you include The Xfactor Collective logo on proposals provided to the client to assist with continuity (either 'Foundation Specialst Member' logo or 'Specialist Member' logo). These logos are in #hq-logos-documents on the online member LOUNGE
    • We ask that you advise us of the progress over the coming week. You are not required to CC us on communications, but you are welcome to. We will also follow up with both yourself and the client over the coming weeks,
    • If the project goes ahead, please complete & lodge a Management Fee Confirmation Form. The Management Fee covers the first and subsequent stages of the project with the client, and you are required to keep us informed of developments with the client. The Management Fee form is in #hq-logos-documents on the online member LOUNGE
    • If the project goes ahead, you are the direct client contact and agree that you will not pass client management to a sub-contractor,
    • If the client needs any other services/support, you must check with CONCIERGE first for suitably qualified Specialist Members, before referring non-Members to the project. As much as possible, it is imperative that we are connecting new client organisations with our Specialist Members first. We are also onboarding new Specialist Members all the time, so CONCIERGE can help with the inquiry even if it doesn’t look like we have that specialisation on the PLATFORM,
    • If the project is not a good fit for you, please do let us know and we can facilitate the next best steps for and with the client organisation,
    • If there are challenges/issues/disputes in the project with the client, you must let CEO Julia Keady know as soon as possible.
  • You agree to provide accurate, correct and complete information during the registration process and to update such information to keep it accurate, current and complete.
  • You warrant that any testimonials shown on your listing are genuine and where possible clearly show the source of the testimonial.
  • You warrant that the material you upload to the PLATFORM does not infringe any third party’s rights, be it copyright or other rights.
  • You agree that you will not assign or transfer your membership or membership rights to anyone.
  • You give the Collective permission to post on its social media channels about your services, and post or re-post photos or posts shared by you in social media.
  • You confirm that you hold and continue to hold all required qualifications, licenses and insurances to provide the services that you represent to provide. You must carry Professional Indemnity Insurance at minimum and be able to upload a copy of a Certificate of Currency as part of your membership with us. You understand that are not protected by any insurances carried by The Xfactor Collective Pty Ltd.

Agreements: The Collective is not party to any agreement entered into between a Client and a Specialist. Any agreement between a Client and a Specialist is solely between the Client and the Specialist.

Amendment: These Terms will be amended as the programs and PLATFORM functionality grows. All Specialist Members will also be invited to provide feedback, ideas and input to help inform improvements, functionality and enhancements.


  • Where a Specialist Member is in violation of the terms, values or protocols of the Collective, two written warnings will be provided to a Specialist Member. If the Specialist Member breaches the terms, values or protocols again, they automatically forfeit their membership. The Collective also reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to remove a Specialist Member profile, if in its discretion it considers the Specialist Member to have damaged the reputation of the Collective.
  • If a Specialist Member wishes to cancel their membership, they will need to do so by emailing the CEO Julia Keady and providing 3 months paid notice. The Collective agrees to remove the Specialist Member from the PLATFORM within 10 business days.

Compliance: The Collective requires all Specialist Members to be compliant with all local and national laws and requirements, including all requirements for appropriate insurances including but not limited to public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Copyright and Intellectual Property: The PLATFORM contains materials that are owned by or licensed to the Collective. All materials used in connection with PASSPORT or PLATFORM (or any other programming such as #askXFACTOR LIVE and THE X-CHANGE) are unregistered or registered trademarks of the Collective. All videos recorded during #askXFACTOR LIVE, or recorded for THE X-CHANGE or other programming run by The Xfactor Collective remains the copyright and intellectual property of The Xfactor Collective, and while it can be shared by Specialist Members, the ownership remains with The Xfactor Collective.

Dispute Resolution: Parties endeavour to settle any dispute by meditation. Such mediation is to be conducted by a mediator who is independent of the parties and appointed by agreement of both parties. If mediation is unsuccessful, one or both parties may agree to terminate the membership.

Fees: PASSPORT and Management Fees are outlined above. The processes to follow will be managed through the CONCIERGE. All fees will be reviewed in 2019 and may change at the discretion of management.

Force Majeure: The Collective will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under the Terms if such delay is due to any circumstance beyond its reasonable control. This includes natural and unavoidable catastrophes, or circumstances beyond their control arise, making performance inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible.

Indemnity: Each Specialist agrees to defend and indemnify and hold The Xfactor Collective (and its parent, related bodies, officers, directors, contractors and employees) harmless from and against any claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses arising from or connected to the Specialist's use or access of any programs or PLATFORMS run by The Xfactor Collective.

Limitation of Liability: Access to the PLATFORM is not warranted to be uninterrupted or fault free. Our services may be interrupted at any time or cease operation altogether. We take no responsibility for any failures, delays, or interruptions in the delivery of any content contained on our PLATFORM.

Non-Compete: For a period of 24 months after agreeing to these terms, Specialist Members agree not to directly or indirectly engage in any business that competes with the Collective. This does not preclude Specialist Members from being part of other 'specialist groups or collectives', but precludes Specialist Members from creating, developing, building a PLATFORM, online television/YouTube show, weekly live broadcast with other Specialist Members, a community of specialists with memberships and support services for changemakers and specialist consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators, (with a focus on social impact) that directly competes with The Xfactor Collective. This covenant will apply in the geographical area that includes the area of Australia and Asia Pacific countries.

Assignment: The Collective may assign its rights under these Terms and Conditions.


If you have a question or concern about these Terms, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to PO Box 1211, ELWOOD VIC 3184.

Registration process

All Members go through the same registration process, which is a confidential process managed by the Concierge team.


- Direct invitation from CEO, and/or referred by existing Member

- Review Passport Information and Terms & Conditions

- Complete Expression of Interest Application Form


- Once approved for Stage 2, Concierge will request contact details for your 7 referees

- You are required to notify the Referees (copy provided)

- Concierge will email your Referees and manage this process confidentially

- You will be notified once all 7 reference checks have been conducted and invited to join the Collective

  • Officially join Passport
  • Watch the Onboarding Video Modules
  • Submit your Profile Page for Review 
  • 45 minute Onboarding Session with CEO
  • Onboarded to Online Member Lounge

FAQs ...


The Xfactor Collective Pty Ltd is a privately owned company, based in Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia. The sole director of the company is founder and CEO Julia Keady.


The Concierge is the central helpdesk of the community, helping to connect clients with members. The Concierge can help put together project teams, help create project briefs that are checked/approved by clients, and help check member availability and interest in projects. The Concierge keeps track of all projects, connecting in with members and clients along the life span of the project.


The LOUNGE is where we keep our members updated with news, announcements and opportunities. All key documents (logos, flyers, forms etc) are all downloadable from the LOUNGE. Members are also able to connect with each other virtually to share news, ask help from each other. We also have separate channels/forums for special interest groups.


Member MEET UPS are run 3 times per year at present. The main event is currently run in Melbourne, with Members from around Australia and overseas able to join via videoconferencing. The MEET UPS are a great way to update members on the progress of the Collective, and new initiatives and opportunities on the horizon. They are also great for networking and making new connections.

We use the word ‘CLUSTER’ when we talk about special interest groups and discussion forums. The CLUSTERS are virtual groups who gather around a key topic or special interest. As we grow, we are also looking at having CHAPTERS, which are geographic-based groups such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Singapore etc, allowing members to physically connect outside of MEET UPS and CLUSTERS.


Yes, there are many ways that our Members help grow the Collective:

  • Introduce prospective clients and partners to HQ,
  • Refer projects and opportunities to the Collective,
  • Provide Strategic Advice and Support to the CEO,
  • Be involved in a Specialist Member Reference Group. The Reference Group meets every quarter. The purpose of the Reference Group is to assist the Founder/CEO with key strategic decisions to grow the Collective,
  • Help out at Member MEET UP events (meeting and greeting other members, tech support etc)

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