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Our social mission is to make life easier to be a social changemaker.

Our big hairy goal is to work in collaboration with partners to support and strengthen 1 million changemakers by 2030.

The Xfactor Collective is a world-first community with a mission to help social changemakers achieve their social mission.

Our mission comes from a deep place of concern about the overall wellbeing of changemakers, often overlooked as our world's most finite resource. We're embracing competitive clustering, collaboration frameworks and cluster methodology as a foundation to create new solutions to age-old challenges. 

To achieve our mission and ambitions, we have many initiatives in mind, some of which you can read about here on our first initiative and investment – stage one of our custom-designed PLATFORM.

Our first endeavours have been to help changemakers find support on demand, and we're gradually building a one-stop shop of experienced and pre-vetted SPECIALISTS (see SPECIALISTS). Alongside this, we have created the first business program for experienced SPECIALISTS (see PASSPORT). 

We have also developed a suite of Specialist Triage Support Services (see CONCIERGE), and we are investing in the creation of freely-available resources to support leaders and their teams (see THE X-CHANGE and CAMPFIRE).

We are also building a coalition of partners around a wellbeing index for changemakers – so we can all better understand and then improve conditions for those at the forefront of change. 

Ultimately, we have a 100% focus on capacity and capability building, and are working with partners to deliver more and better support, strategy and advice to changemakers around the world.


"It's great to have a quality alternative to the big four advisory firms, that support the many talented specialists in Australia."

"A truly visionary community and responds to something we all need – a trusted destination with pre-vetted specialists."

Our leadership 

Our community is run by a Founder/Chief Cheerleader Julia Keady.

Our unique business model means we procure as much business support from our the Collective. At present, we procure 80% of support and services from the Collective Specialists and Partners, including but not limited to technology, design, brand, partnerships. . Our aim is to be 100% by the end of 2020. 

We have a Specialist Leadership Group comprising three Foundation Members – Julie Weldon, Linda Garnett and Jodie Willmer – who act in a governance and advisory role for the community. This Group will expand in 2020 to encompass 7 Specialist business members.

Our united belief

We rally behind a shared belief that there has never been a more important time in human history to work smarter, not harder. 

Our 'shared prosperity' mindset

Our community is being built around a 'shared prospersity' business model – when the Collective wins, we all win. Our Specialists and Partners all share in the fruits of the Collective. We're a social enterprise and profit-for-purpose enterprise, and we invest back into achieving our social mission. 

Our community ethos and values

  • We make every decision through a lens of Win-Win-Win-Win – a win for our clients and the  community/beneficiaries they serve, our members and HQ,
  • We all participate to help the Collective grow,
  • We support our clients and each other to be BRAVE and take chances,
  • We RESPECT each other and our individual skills, visions and aspirations,
  • We CARE about social change and supporting more people to fulfil their ambitions and potential,
  • We believe in and uphold GOOD OLD FASHIONED values of accountability, trust, honesty, responsibility, fairness and kindness


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