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#askXFACTOR    #strongertogether     logo reset2020 white


CLINIC is the knowledge sharing arm of the Collective. 

Check out The X-Change video library and our Community blog Campfire for useful resources created by and for our community.

We share these resources with our partners Pro Bono Australia, Fundraising & Philanthropy, and Fundraising Institute Australia.

Live activations and sector-first changemaker video library

In 2018, we ran an 18-week live free broadcast every Wednesday morning featuring 24 Specialists from our community. More than 200 changemakers from around Australia participated in the free program and it validated our theory that there are knowledge and capability gaps that we can collectively support. 

From the broadcast, we were able to record and edit 140 short videos, which helped us build an Australia-first video library, THE X-CHANGE. We plan to do more activations like this with our partners. If you would like to help us build this video library, please contact us here.

Here's a snapshot of feedback from #askXFACTOR LIVE and THE X-CHANGE:

“Thank you for organising #askXFACTOR LIVE. The wide range of topics and expert presenters has been a great source of quick, easy and accessible professional development for our wider team." – Stroke Foundation

“Thank you for providing these great webinars and helping us to all make a larger impact in our work!” ⁃ Lymphoma Australia

“The sessions are very informative and gives me confidence we are on the right track.” - Save the Children

"askXFACTOR LIVE is an amazing program. I attended the Partnerships Session and feel so motivated and productive now!" – Food River Station

"Thanks so much for today! Great insights and expertise. Love the fact the energy travels through cyberspace into my office! Great work!" - Youthrive Victoria

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