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Community Profiles: Business Leader, Anthea Hammon

“One of the greatest rewards has been to see our staff engagement continue to increase as the program evolves.” – Anthea Hammon 

As a third-generation family business owner of the largest business in the Blue Mountains, Anthea Hammon has long witnessed and experienced the importance of business philanthropy. 

From a young age, she watched her grandfather and father ensure the family business Scenic World exhibited its strong community values through its philanthropic activity.

“We found that we were good at giving, and we did a lot of it, but not necessarily in a way that would have a lasting impact on our community,” she reflects.

As so often happens, it was through attending a conference in 2015 where Anthea watched an inspirational presentation by highly awarded tourism business and philanthropy leader Robert Pennicott that a light turned on. 

“In his talk, I saw a similar passion to us with regards to their love of their environment, and i thought, how could I do more?”

Walking away inspired and determined, Anthea set out on a course to find a social impact professional who would understand the business values and vision, and support them through the various steps to create a strategic framework for the business.

After several months involving employee involvement, community consultation and partnership development, the Scenic World Shared program was launched. 

Its focus is underpinned by three pillars of environment, education and community, and involves partnerships with Katoomba High School, Western Sydney University, Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (to enable grants to local community organisations) and a flagship partnership with the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute. 

The program is already producing positive outcomes within in the Blue Mountains community such as the development of an important wildlife monitoring program and university scholarships specifically for young people on the Blue Mountains. 

But it is the opportunities for employees that Anthea is most proud of.

“One of the greatest rewards has been to see our staff engagement continue to increase as the program evolves. Our staff reference group of 12 continues to meet each month to drive the program forward, a number of employees have committed to a local high school mentoring program, and several staff are involved in the wildlife monitoring project. 

“We made a conscious effort to engage staff from the very beginning, and the program was designed to support areas that our staff are passionate about – the environment, education and community. 

“As such, our staff are proud to be part of what we have created together. They are excited, engaged and onboard because they can see tangible benefits of the program, and this engagement continues to gain momentum.”

It is also immensely satisfying for Anthea.

“As a leader, it’s incredibly rewarding to see our staff engage with and speak about the Shared program with a sense of pride. It has also been rewarding to see our partners engage with the program with such enthusiasm and professionalism, and to see community groups utilise the funding available to drive positive outcomes for our community.

“Over time, we hope that the Shared program will empower our community to thrive and preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy.”


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