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My Top 5 Learnings (and reminders!)

Guest blogger - Rachael Ingram, Polio Australia,
25 March 2019

On Thursday 28 th February, I attended the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) Conference in Melbourne, thanks to The Xfactor Collective.

My Top 5 Learnings (and reminders!)
1. Don’t be scared to ask for gifts in wills. There are many reasons people leave gifts in
wills, and there should not be fear around asking for them. As we generally target an
older demographic, this is something we need to focus on!

2. Paid advertising on social media is worth it. With an extremely limited budget, we
have not previously used paid advertising on social media. The variety of examples
that were displayed, really emphasised how this could have a massive impact on our
fundraising efforts and will be something for us to try.

3. Having a comprehensive strategy works. We have a three-year strategic plan, and
also strategies around social media and specific projects. However, our strategy
around fundraising is lacking, and after seeing such amazing outcomes throughout
the day, we will be sure to implement one to see if we can take our fundraising to the
next level.

4. Stories. Stories. Stories. Sharing the stories of others works in fundraising. I knew
this – but I think I know that we forget it sometimes. Sometimes we focus on what
WE do rather than the positive impact that it has on others.

5. Everything needs to come back to the “why”. This is one that I knew – but it’s easy
to get caught up among other things and forget about that “why”. We will be sure to
focus more on the “why” to expand our fundraising opportunities!

Thank you The Xfactor Collective for the opportunity, it was such a great learning

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