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Perspective: The other face of social change

Julia Keady,
28 February 2018

One of my most recent AHA moments was the realisation that we have many 'hidden faces of social change'. We often talk about those running for purpose organisations as the agents of change in our society, and while I concur, the face we forget is the many consultants and small businesses.

For 10 years, I have been surrounded by incredibly talented and beautiful people who chose to share their skills and their passion, and live true to their values in the world, as consultants, coaches and small business operators. Have you ever considered that notion?

We choose to play right here. Right at the pointy end. Right where the world needs us most. We care just as much about strengthening communities as those who are running and working in charitable organisations. We choose to be here. And not strategising about Colgate sales.

And we do it without self regard at times. We don't know when our next pay check is coming in. We don't have any security around our work. We pay our own superannuation. We are in charge of our financial fitness and future. We have elements of imposter syndrome even though we are seasoned professionals. We flirt with the idea of going back into 'paid work', a job. We offer ourselves fully.

We do as much as we can: we provide sponsorship in our quotes, we provide low-bono rates, and we offer ourselves with our hearts wide open to be a force for good in the world. We give and we give, no different to the other many faces of social change. 

We very often talk about 'capacity building' as it pertains to for-purpose organisations and building their competency and confidence.

But my AHA moment extends to intermediaries, especially the small and solo operators. What happens when you build their capacity? What would be the flow-on effect if we looked at the ways we could build the capacity of intermediaries? My answer is: profound. It would be profound.

Intermediaries and practitioners would be able to relax more into their work, be more focussed. And then the magic begins - to innovate. To listen/observe and see ways in which we can innovate our own business models to create more social good in the world.

It's why I am building The Xfactor Collective, and something I am very fired up about. And something I will write more about over time. Love your thoughts. Over and out. JK

The Xfactor Collective is a community of pre-vetted specialist consultants who help social change makers achieve their social mission. We have a diverse range of specialists across 300+ areas of specialisation, and this article was written by our Specialist Consultant Julia Keady. To find out more about working with Julia, or how the Collective can help you, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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